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We are committed to delivering excellent service to customers and constantly work to improve our products and procedures. By anticipating and responding to changing needs, offering tailored products, and smooth settlement of claims, we aim at securing customer confidence.
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Claims Procedures



"We are there for you” - with reliable and fair claims processing when you need us. Your Medical ID Card or E-Card on GlobeMed Fit Application gives you access to all the medical facilities in the Preferred Provider Network detailed in GlobeMed Fit Application or by scanning the QR Code on the back of the card with direct billing between us and the Medical Provider. Your card details information regarding your healthcare plan together with a list of all essential telephone numbers you may need, so make sure to keep it with you at all times.
For any general non-claim related queries or complaints, please contact GlobeMed Customer Service Centre on hotline 16784

Seek medical advice immediately in case of an emergency by contacting GlobeMed Egypt 24 Hour claims Centre, our selected Third Party Administrator and member of Libano-Suisse Group chosen for the provision of claims administration.

  • Hotline: (+202) 16784
  • WhatsApp: (0106 666 9888)
When you call, have your Medical ID Card ready in order to be provided with the most efficient service possible.

Use the link below to find hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers within GlobeMed Egypt service providers.

Link: and by downloading GlobeMed Fit Application from Google play or App store.

GlobeMed Egypt doctors and qualified medical advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering you professional guidance and assistance.
  • Pre-authorization procedures
  • Reimbursement claim procedures
  • General claim procedures
In case of an emergency, always seek immediate medical care.
  • A doctor will attend to you immediately
  • Present your Medical ID card as soon as you can
  • The hospital will contact our (TPA) GlobeMed Egypt to arrange settlement for eligible care
  • Contact GlobeMed Egypt at the earliest opportunity prior to discharge.
  • Pay your bills and follow the reimbursement procedures if your policy covers reimbursement.
For outpatient services, please visit the outpatient clinics at any of the preferred provider hospitals listed in the Preferred Provider Booklet. Each time you seek medical care, your attending doctor will complete a claim form containing all information regarding your medical illness, treatment and eligible costs. It is important to:
  • Ensure that all fields are filled completely.
  • Only sign the form after it is completed. Do not sign blank claim forms or multiple claim forms which can be used fraudulently, misusing your benefits and limits.
In order to receive your required prescription, you will be asked to present the blue copy at the pharmacy to dispense your medication, the yellow copy at the laboratories and the red copy to the scan centers. Furthermore, you can visit the nearest provider directly if an E Prescription link is received on your mobile, without the need to submit any documents at the provider. You will also need to present your Medical ID card and personal identification.
All inpatient treatments, surgeries and same day procedures require pre-authorization from GlobeMed prior to their undertaking. Contact GlobeMed Egypt for pre-authorization.
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