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Establishment of Murex Holding in association with UAP (subsequently AXA Middle East) and Nasco Group.

Establishment of MedNet Liban. Renaming Arabel to Delta in Jordan.

Establishment and registration of GlobeMed in the Virgin Islands.

Establishment and registration of GlobeMed in the Virgin Islands. Appointment of A.R. Albisher & Z. Alkazemi as new Agents for Libano-Suisse in Kuwait. Creation of PMC RE - reinsurance brokerage in Beirut.

Acquisition of shares in Libano-Suisse by El-Seif Investment.

Acquisition by Libano-Suisse of AXA-PLC portfolio and run-off in Kuwait. Acquisition of Atlas portfolio (a subsidiary of the AXA-UK Group) in Qatar and consolidation with previous Agent in Qatar to become Libano-Suisse branch in Doha.

Establishment of GlobeMed KSA in Saudi Arabia in partnership with GlobMed Lebanon. Creation of SP Holding in Bahrain.


Acquisition of Amana Gulf, insurance company in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia


Establishment of a brokerage firm in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai. The Brokerage Firm TBF is member of Libano-Suisse Group.


Libano-Suisse acquires a license to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Libano-Suisse acquires Solidarity Takaful in Egypt which operates today under Libano-Suisse Takaful Egypt.

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